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Monday, August 13, 2018

Christians are not allowed to be Christian says college

Leftists Attack Freedom

  • The Left is coming for your freedom of speech, your religion and your guns.

(World Net Daily)  -  A university has decided to ban student religious groups from requiring their leaders to hold their religious beliefs – and like another case just weeks ago – it also is ending up in court.
Officials with Becket have confirmed a lawsuit is being prepared against the University of Iowa over its decision the banish Intervarsity Christian Fellowship from its campus – because the group requires its leaders to be Christian.
The school also kicked off a number of other groups, including the Chinese Student Christian Fellowship, the Latter-day Saint Student Association and the Sikh Awareness Club.
But Becket said it is filing a lawsuit, already prepared, against the school, President Bruce Harreld, Student Life Vice President Melissa Shivers and other officials including William Nelson, Andrew Kutcher and Thomas Baker.
“InterVarsity has been a part of campus life for 25 years, welcoming all students as members. But like the over-500 other student groups on campus, it has a distinct mission and asks its leaders to embrace that mission,” Becket reported.
“In June, the university abruptly ordered the group to drop its religious leadership standards within two weeks, stating that leaders could not even be ‘strongly encouraged’ to share its faith. And in late July, after InterVarsity explained why it couldn’t eliminate its leadership standards, the university officially deregistered the group, along with dozens of other religious and ideological student groups.”
“We’re grateful to have been part of the university community for 25 years, and we think that the university has been a richer place for having Sikh, Muslim, Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, atheist, and Christian groups,” said Kristina Schrock, student president of InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship. “Because we love our school, we hope it reconsiders and lets religious groups continue to authentically reflect their religious roots.”
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