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Friday, May 25, 2018

'Supergirl' Casting a Transgender Superhero

Hollywood shoves Transsexuals
down our throats

(ComicBook.com)  -  The CW's Supergirl is casting a transgender character who will play a significant role in the DC Comics-based show's upcoming fourth season, ComicBook.com has learned from multiple sources.
This news originates in a casting notice for a character called “Nia Nal,” described as a transgender woman in her early 20s. The character is being cast with open ethnicity, meaning that they do not have a specific ethnic background in mind. She may be positioned to take over the newsroom, as she comes in with a strong journalism background a la Snapper Carr and is described as a “young Cat Grant type.”
Ironically, Cat Grant left the news industry to work in government, serving as press secretary to President Olivia Marsdin.
According to the casting call obtained by ComicBook.com, Jia will be “a confident, wunderkind of a fashionista. Once a political speechwriter, Nia is the newest addition to the CatCo investigative reporting team. With her she brings sparlking wit and biting humor but under that banter-y, chic facade, lays a soulful young woman who has much to offer the world.”
Warner Bros. Television has not responded to a request for a comment.

DC Goes Through The Motions
While DC has produced the Classic of Classics The Dark Knight many other adaptions have been average at best.  DC just does not stack up to Marvel.

Straight Sex Sells
Only the moronic Elites of Hollywood have any interest in seeing Transgender and Gay characters on the screen. The sane general public wants to see hot sexy straight women and men in their movies and TV shows.
If the studios want ratings and ticket sales they need to embrace hot straight sex and turn up the heat by several notches.

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