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Friday, May 18, 2018

Paul Ryan spending $10 million to back open borders Republicans

Your Republican Party, Not Mine

  • The GOP leader who refuses to build a wall, runs endless Russia investigations and who has refused to cut spending by even one single penny.
  • The so-called "Conservative" GOP abandoned me years ago. 
  • Here in California the corrupt Oligarchs have banned all small opposition parties and independents from all general election ballots. My protest is just to leave partisan races blank on my ballot. Nationalist Donald Trump is the first Republican I have voted for in years.

(Breitbart)  -  A Super PAC funded by retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan is spending more than $10 million to help the GOP representatives who are trying to pass a cheap-labor amnesty via the discharge-petition process.
The amnesty-boosting funds are being collected and shared via the Congressional Leadership Fund, which was described in a May 17 Politico article:
TUSTIN, Calif. — Republicans have amassed a sprawling shadow field organization to defend the House this fall, spending tens of millions of dollars in an unprecedented effort to protect dozens of battleground districts that will determine control of the chamber.
The initiative by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), now includes 34 offices running mini-campaigns for vulnerable Republicans throughout the country. It has built its own in-house research and data teams and recruited 4,000 student volunteers, who have knocked on more than 10 million doors since February 2017.
Ryan appears at fundraisers for the CLF but does not ask for the donations, nor direct the CLF’s day-to-day activities.

Politico reported that the formally independent CLF machine is aiding at least three of the Republicans who have signed the amnesty discharge-petition:
The field offices have become the envy of the House Republican Conference. While [the Congressional Leadership Fund] CLF is not allowed to discuss its efforts with members and candidates under campaign law, lawmakers have taken notice and tried to signal a desire for help.
This week, CLF will announce three new offices, one each for vulnerable Reps. John Faso of New York and Fred Upton of Michigan …
“I welcome any help I can get,” said Rep. David Valadao (R-Calif.). Clinton carried his Central Valley district by 15 points, and CLF has set up a field office there.
Each office costs roughly $250,000 to set up and uses local teenagers to make phone calls to local voters. In each district, the staff pitch local issues to local voters — and shift attention away from the damage done to the GOP by blue-collar and white-collar cheap-labor migration. According to Politico:
That means each of its field offices emphasizes different policies. In Illinois, it’s Reps. Peter Roskam’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. In Florida, Rep. Brian Mast’s work on Lake Okeechobee gets top billing. And in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, volunteers talk up Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s effort to clean water contamination wells.
Roll Call posted an April 17 article showing that CLF is funding TV ads for at least five of the GOP legislators who are now pushing for the amnesty:
The Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC aligned with House Republican leadership, is making $38 million worth of television reservations for ads in the fall, and an additional $10 million investment for digital ads …
More than $10 million in TV-ad funding for five of the 20 GOP legislators who signed the discharge-petition plan, said Roll Call:
The spending for these business-first Republicans bolsters the establishment wing of the GOP as President Donald Trump brings a larger share of populist Americans into the GOP base. That rising share is forcing more establishment-aligned GOP candidates to mimic populist policies on immigration, according to the Atlantic magazine, but has not yet caused a change in the Party’s business-first leadership.
Ryan also has begun praising Trump’s popular immigration policies, even as he allows his allies to push the discharge petition.
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