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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Leftist WAR Against Beautiful Women

The Leftist War on Sexy Women
  • SEXIST San Antonio Spurs disband their all-female dance team to bring in "Family Friendly" males.

(Yahoo News)  -  The San Antonio Spurs have reportedly disbanded their all-female dance team and will replace it next season with a 35-member “family-friendly” coed hype team.
The hype team “will elevate the game day experience and energize crowds with a diverse array of unique family-friendly talents, including tumbling, acrobatics, dance and stunts,” according to a Spurs news release from Friday.
The Spurs will be the first NBA team to disband their dance squad.
ESPN reported that the Spurs told members of the Silver Dancers that they were being disbanded due to a lack of fan interest. The Silver Dancers have been active since 1992.
A "family friendly" coed team
as envisioned by Leftists.

The news comes as a surprise to current and former members of the dance team, many of whom are publicly upset about the decision.
“This program has been in existence for 26 years,” Silver Dancers founder Rosalyn Jones and former team choreographer told the Washington Post. “Why now? I don’t understand the explanation that there was a lack of interest. If that was the case, shouldn’t they have conveyed that to the choreographer and brought those concerns to her at some point? Give her a chance to address it. But there were never any complaints.”
Some of the dancers reacted to the news on Twitter.

The Silver Dancers Twitter page and Instagram accounts have been taken down, and there is no mention of the Silver Dancers on the Spurs’ website, the Post reports.

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The Plot To Destroy
The All American Cheerleader

Leftist scum want to destroy everything wholesome and good in American society from Boy Scouts for boys to beautiful female cheerleaders.

If you think she is beautiful then you have committed a Thoughtcrime.

A "Family Friendly" cheerleader
as designed by Leftists.

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