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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trump ends CIA arms to Islamists

Victory at Last
Trump ends the CIA's unconstitutional war against Syria

(Reuters) - The Trump administration has decided to halt the CIA's covert program to equip and train certain rebel groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, two U.S. officials said, a move sought by Assad ally Russia.
The U.S. decision, said one of the officials, is part of an effort by the administration to improve relations with Russia, which along with Iranian-supported groups has largely succeeded in preserving Assad's government in the six-year-civil war.
The CIA program began in 2013 as part of efforts by the administration of then-President Barack Obama to overthrow Assad, but produced little success, said the officials, both of whom are familiar with the program and spoke on the condition of anonymity.
The Washington Post was first to report the program's suspension on Wednesday. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders declined to comment on the topic at the White House briefing.
The CIA also declined to comment.
A downside of the CIA program, one of the officials said, is that some armed and trained rebels defected to Islamic State and other radical groups.
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Mountains of CIA arms have turned the Middle East and Libya into a giant pile of rubble and corpses.


Anonymous said...

Thats not first news . Since a few years thats what happen overthere .
Burden must be carried by the iraqui army , the same that leave massive weapondery to IS , in Mossul , and elsewhere ...
But as one goes down , threee or four rise up .That regional struggle , never would stop , as before .

Anonymous said...

sunni syrians and iraquis are beeing left alone against assad , and abadi shias they say yesterday in CNN