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Monday, July 10, 2017

Muslims ban women on bikes

Biker Chicks & Islam Do Not Mix

TEL AVIV  (Breitbart Jerusalem)  —  It’s not unusual to see a Gazan woman riding on the back of a motorbike driven by her male partner or family member. But this sight is expected to disappear due to a decision by Hamas police in the Gaza Strip to forbid women from riding motorbikes with their partners or family members.

Women are also now forbidden from driving motorbikes themselves.  A statement from the Gaza police said that any person who violates this regulation will be fined “even if the Traffic Law of 2000 does not include the prohibition on women riding motorbikes.” The decision was made after the death of a Gazan woman who was riding a motorbike behind her son.

Colonel Mahar Alli, deputy police commander, said that the decision was meant to ensure women’s safety. Until now, women who rode behind men did so with their legs closed to one side of the bike as women used to ride side-saddle on horses.

Even though Hamas enforces a strict dress code against women and restricts their professional and personal lives, Colonel Alli asked that “no one misunderstand the decision. We are in favor of equality between the sexes and there’s no issue here of sexual discrimination. Here in the Strip, we need our mothers and wives and protecting their lives is a religious obligation before it’s a legal obligation.”

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Anonymous said...

Side Saddle in Motorbikes is dangerous .
That Gazaan police oficial is right about it .
If they cannot drive those alone , maybe they might go in side-cars , or a kind of cart motorbiker .
Maybe after someone create de autobike , as reliable human driveless car , those women can go out , as their husband or guardian , follow her on GPS , or by remote way of doing that , or drone one .Or even by inside CAM on the motorbike.
A good name from it will be Gazautobike , or MYWife Go Safe .

Anonymous said...

Theres no bikes in Mossul .
Yesterday they show us some footage of the city , and one cannot see anything than ruins , dust , and a grey colour on it .
They need a billion us dollars to reconstruct that .
Hope they do , and bring a Mossul Bike club too .