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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Putin using GOLD to defeat sanctions on Russia


Another Biden Fuck Up
All the West did in attacking the Russian economy was to bring back the gold standard.

(Natural News)  Since the Western world implemented widespread sanctions against Russia over its special military operation in Ukraine in early 2022, President Vladimir Putin's strategy for evading economic disaster has relied on linking the ruble's value to gold, sparking both intrigue and concern globally.

Despite facing an onslaught of over 16,000 sanctions, targeting everything from Russian trade, finance and even technology, Putin's Russia has exhibited resilience, with the economy showing signs of growth and the military apparatus expanding. This economic and military resilience has confounded many observers, especially given the severity of the sanctions imposed.

One notable consequence of the sanctions is the isolation of sanctioned individuals and entities from the global financial system, including multiple Russian billionaires and oligarchs.

Gold's role in mitigating the impact of sanctions on Russia is multifaceted. By tying the ruble's value to gold, Russia aims to establish a stable alternative currency and protect against currency devaluation.

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Russia's status as the world's second-largest producer of gold has been pivotal in this strategy. With significant annual production and predictions of continued growth, Russia is well-positioned to leverage its gold reserves to navigate geopolitical challenges. . . . . 

Putin's ambitions extend far beyond the economic realm, as he envisions gold replacing the U.S. dollar as the primary global trade medium. However, the success of this vision hinges on increasing gold's value, a variable influenced by factors such as consumer demand and central bank policies.

In response to Putin's strategy, consumers and investors worldwide, particularly in North America, wield the potential to impact gold's market dynamics through their purchasing decisions. For instance, significant investments in gold by American consumers, facilitated by platforms like Costco, inadvertently contribute to Putin's agenda, particularly if the gold originates from Russian sources.


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The Russian Empire vanished over 100 years ago, but its gold coins hold their value today.

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Dan said...

The issue isn't that gold can't stabilize a currency. The issue is getting your hands on enough physical gold to do so.