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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Big Mac inventor passes away aged 98

Big Mac Museum

Too Much Bread For Me

  • As a Californian I am more of a fan of In-N-Out Burger and Original Tommys (extra chili please). Though the Big Mac was good, it is too much bread for me. 
  • But the cultural impact of the Big Mac cannot be understated.

(The Sun)  -  The inventor of the Big Mac has died at the age of 98.
Michael “Jim” Delligatti came up with the iconic McDonald’s burger nearly 50 years ago.
The franchise-owner from Uniontown Pennsylvania put the stacked treat on sale at one of his restaurants in 1968.
McDonald’s initially did not approve of deviating from its strict formula of simple hamburgers, cheeseburgers and milkshakes.
But the creation of a two-patty burger with lettuce, cheese, gherkins, onions and “special sauce” proved an instant hit, and was rolled out to his other 47 outlets across the US.
In 1970, he invented the Egg McMuffin which paved the way for the breakfast menu which started two years later.
Delligatti is said to have created the Hotcakes and Sausage breakfast meal to feed the state’s steelworkers at the end of their night shift.
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Michael “Jim” Delligatti

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