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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is "free" trade the death of America? - Jobs flood out of the U.S.

Nike Backs Obama's Trade Deal
  • Nike uses Communist thugs in Vietnam to make sure their sweatshop work force never forms a union to demand good wages and working conditions.
  • Republicans who claim to oppose Obama fall all over themselves to support his trade pact.

By Gary;

Follow the money trail.  There are no "Liberals" or "Conservatives".  Both of our open borders parties line up to serve their Masters on Wall Street to ensure quarterly profit projections are made.

The American citizen worker?  No one gives a rat's ass about him.

Case in point is Nike's support of Wall Street's Asia "free trade" agreement that is being pushed by Obama and members of both parties.

The Washington Post reports that only 26,000 Nike employees are in the U.S.  Over one million Nike jobs have been shipped overseas to low-wage countries.  Nike has not manufactured shoes in America since 1984.

But Nike corporate toadies claimed if we pass Obama's free trade agreement with Asia then Nike might create as many as 10,000 jobs in America.  Might.

TRANSLATION  -  Eight newly created American jobs qualifies under this style of Clintonian Speak.

Free trade is a nice textbook theory, but it is very troublesome in practice.

Free trade can work between similar industrial nations like the U.S. and Canada or France and Germany.  But when free trade includes poor nations like Mexico then you hear Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" of jobs flowing out of America.

Here in the People's Republic of California is a text book example.  The Hershey Chocolate company closed down their Central Valley factory that employed large numbers of American citizens of Hispanic decent.  They moved the plant down to Mexico where Mexican citizen workers could truly be exploited.

The current free trade agreement is complex beyond words as well as top secret.  No one is allowed to look at it for good reason.  The last thing the politicians want is for the commoners out in fly over land to get wind of the coming screw job.

Ross Perot Was Right
Countless millions of jobs have been shipped out of America.

Closed American Factories
Our greatest export has been the shipping
of American jobs overseas.

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