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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's Income Tax Day - Thank a Republican

Republican William Howard Taft

America's First Socialist President

  • In 1909 GOP President William Howard Taft urged the Republican controlled Congress to adopt the Marxist progressive income tax.  Taft and a GOP Congress brought Marxism and class warfare to the U.S. by passing the income tax amendment to the Constitution.  
  • The Republican Party promised to "soak the rich" (the top 1%). The GOP adopted Marxism in a shameless pandering for the votes of those who would not have to pay the tax.  Both Democrats and Republicans have been loyal to Karl Marx ever since.
  • I will be long dead in my grave before I see the flat income tax enacted by the big government loving Republican Party.

By Gary;

In 1909 Republican President William Howard Taft urged a Congress with heavy Republican majorities to pass the income tax 16th Amendment and make the Marxist re-distribution of wealth the law of the land.

In an act of naked Marxism and class warfare the GOP promised to "tax the rich" and re-distribute that wealth to others in society with "needs."   Never mind the nation had been doing just fine since 1776 without an income tax. 

The Republican political hacks said not to worry. Only the very, very top earners would have to pay. Another lie to the simple minded who then sold their votes in return for the chance to legally steal other people's money.

Now the Beltway hacks had ton's of other people's money to spend on building a centralized Big Government State . . . . a state that naturally would be run by the best and the brightest from the very finest elite schools.

The Great Myth

Senator Nelson Aldrich
The GOP Majority Leader and
author of the income tax
The great myth of modern American politics is that the GOP is Conservative (whatever that means).  

In fact, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."  This has been the unwritten plank of the Republican Party Platform since 1901.

A little known fact is Marxism, a centralized Big Brother Government and the re-distribution of wealth were enacted into law by the Republican Party.

It was not just that "crazy" Theodore Roosevelt.  Almost the entire Republican Party was adopting Karl Marx as official policy.

The GOP never met a Big Government welfare state program they did not protect and vote to fund.

Republican Socialism

The progressive income tax was pure vote buying.  The vast mass of voters would not have to pay the tax.  The Republican written 16th Amendment made the targets of the tax the upper middle classes and the rich.
Republicans in Congress and the White House advocated taking the wealth of the producing class and re-distribute it to those who the politicians feel are worthy to get it.  All to buy the votes of those who were not taxed.
The Republican Party has never looked back.  The Square Deal, the New Deal, the Great Society to George Bush's massive spending on "Compassionate Conservatism" it did not matter.  The GOP adopted all vote buying programs as their own.  At election time they ran for office as the good government managers of the Big Brother state.  

Vote Republican for a "kinder and more gentle" Federal Master.

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