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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Dis-United States of America

An aircraft carrier for the new nation of Wyoming?
It was voted down by the stingy Wyoming state legislature.

The breakup of the United States
  • It is time for an independent Wyoming, Texas, California and Quebec.

By Gary:

I don't know how, but somehow this story of an independent nation of Wyoming slipped by me.  Now that I have been told about it I just have to share.

An independent Wyoming.  Why the Hell not?

Let's face facts.  The United States has had a good run.  It is time to move on.  No one gives a shit about that stupid old fashioned Constitution and Bill of Rights anyway.  The bi-partisan Elites view American culture as inferior.  That is why they want the legal and illegal importation of millions of people from other nations.

So screw it.  I am tired of defending a Constitution that no one gives a crap about.  Let's go for it.  Let's break up the United States.

Flag of the new nation of
The Republic of Wyoming  -  A February bill in the Wyoming Legislature to prepare the state for possible secession authorized a task force to consider establishing a state army, navy, marine corps and air force, and one amendment added the consideration of purchasing an aircraft carrier.

Wyoming is, of course, landlocked, but it does have the 136-square-mile Yellowstone Lake, though that body of water is high up in the Teton mountains. (The aircraft-carrier amendment was defeated even though 27 representatives voted for it.)
 • The Republic of Texas  -  Texas announced in February that it would deploy six gunboats to patrol the Mexican border’s Rio Grande. Said a state Department of Safety official, “It sends a message: Don’t mess with Texas.” 

Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2012/04/09/2100592/news-brief-09weirds.html#storylink=cpy

A proposed flag for a new five
state Republic of Texas.

One might argue that the Republic of Texas was just one excuse away from existing since the formation of Texas itself. The Republic could be made up of parts of the former states of: 

--- Texas, 
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. 

Though regarded as beer swilling cowboys, and gun toting rabble, Texans are also known to live by no-nonsense rules and take a dim view of traitors and bureaucrats. 
Texans are ferociously independent and live just one step away from anarchy.
When push comes to shove, Texas does not need the United States . . . the United States needs Texas.

The People's Republic of California  -  My People's Republic could care less about the rustic rubes who occupy the other inferior 49 states.

While sunning ourselves on our beautiful beaches we are vaguely aware that other American states exist, but they have no meaning to us except as possible depositories for our nuclear waste.

California is the center or the world.  We have it all from the Golden Gate to Silicone Valley to Yosemite to Hollywood to Disneyland to San Diego.

Everyone on earth wants to come here.  No immigrant dreams at night of escaping their piss-poor homeland and moving to Indiana, Alabama, Pennsylvania or Kansas.  That's just the facts.

No one really gives a rat's ass about the U.S. anymore.  Let's do this.  Aircraft carriers for everyone.

(The News Tribune)

California could easily have its own money.   Hell, it might even be worth more than
the crap being printed 24 hours a day by the Federal Reserve. 

Different visions of the breakup of the United States

Actually this map is cool.  It really does a good job in breaking down the internal divisions within the United States and Canada.

In 1861 if the South had never fired the first shot would there even have been a Civil War?  It is possible that the U.S. would have peacefully divided just as the Soviet Union did.

The New North America?
The national borders of the world are not written in stone.  Call me crazy, but somehow this map looks plausible for a politically correct America that has lost any will power to defend its Constitution, borders and culture.

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