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Friday, April 13, 2012

Democrat Party attacks guns and hunting

Comrade Obama   -   "Thou shalt not hunt."
Obama's leftist minions have told Texas ranchers they will not be able to hunt the 
scimitar-horned oryx on their own land claiming it is "endangered."   A total lie.  Texas ranchers have over 11,000 of the animals on their properties for public hunts.    

Democrat Party makes a direct attack against guns and your right to hunt

  • Comrade Obama's boot-licker Leftist stooges use the Endangered Species Act as cover for their assault on guns and hunting.
  • The Democratic Party Socialists are raping capitalism and job creation by preventing ranchers from conducting their business.
  • Democrats show they don't give a crap about the people working for ranchers who will lose their jobs if hunting is stopped.    

The Socialist Democratic Party has cracked down on the freedom of Texas ranchers to conduct legal hunting on their own private property in violation of the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

For years, hundreds of Texas ranchers have made money on exotic antelopes, with hunters paying up to $10,000 to bag just one dama gazelle, a rare animal with short horns curving outward.
Comrade Obama's Communist minions in the government will stop ranchers from allowing anyone to hunt the dama gazelle or two other exotic antelopes native to Africa, the addax and the scimitar-horned oryx — unless ranchers obtain a Federal permit reports the Houston Chronicle.  And we all know that those Federal permits will never be granted.
The move by Comrade Obama to give the animals full protection under the federal Endangered Species Act is being praised by animal-rights groups that abhor such hunts. The ranchers say they won't be able to afford the upkeep for their antelopes — but they also can't legally kill the entire herds or release them.

Texas has the largest population of the animals in the world — far more than even their native Africa. In 1979, Texas had less than three dozen scimitar-horned oryx, just two addax and nine dama gazelles, according to the Exotic Wildlife Association. But by 2010, the state had more than 11,000 scimitar-horned oryx, about 5,100 addax and nearly 900 dama gazelles, according to the association
The ranchers can apply for federal permits to continue the hunts, but most are refusing because they say it's government intrusion. Just 10 percent of ranchers have sought the permits and he does not expect more to apply. Others are so irate they've threatened to kill the herds or just set them free, but that may not happen because both options are illegal under the federal act.
The animals are very prolific and had been valuable because a lot of people wanted to hunt them. Ranchers  built their herds with their own money . . . . a concept of business that Socialists like Obama will never understand.  The ranchers have increased an extinct population, one of the biggest conservation efforts in the world. And now Big Brother government is telling ranchers they can't do it? It's ridiculous.

Netting and capturing exotic animals in Texas

Texas ranchers are saving endangered species . . . but Obama does not give a damn

The scimitar-horned oryx, which has horns up to 4 feet long curving toward its back, was declared extinct in the wild in 2000. The three species were listed on the Endangered Species Act, but they were exempt from the no-hunting rule by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Now the rule is being enforced so the animals won't be killed in "canned hunts," said Priscilla Feral, president of the Connecticut-based Friends of Animals that successfully challenged that exemption.
"We've applied for permits, but the process is cumbersome," said Aaron Bulkley, owner of the Texas Hunt Lodge, which has 23 ranches northwest of San Antonio. "This rule will have a major impact to our business. There is no fix to this."
Only a few animal sanctuaries for such animals exist, and "they don't want 100; they want two or four," Bulkley said. The Exotic Wildlife Association plans to send about two dozen of the animals to a nature preserve in Senegal.
The rule will not only hurt the $1.3 billion exotic animal industry in Texas but will cause the scimitar-horned oryx population to be reduced to 1,000 in a decade, Seale said.
(Houston Chronicle)

The Democratic Party has no respect for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights
or property rights.

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