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Monday, April 16, 2012

The U.S. election for dummies

The current GOP primary map.  Half the states have not voted.  Four of the six largest states have not even selected their delegates yet, but somehow the GOP nominee has been "chosen" for the entire nation.

2012 Republican primary results by county.
  Mitt Romney
  Ron Paul
  Rick Santorum
  Newt Gingrich
  Rick Perry
  No recorded votes

The GOP has a "nominee", but half the states have not even selected their delegates yet!

  • The system is totally broken.
  • We need to go back to the party convention having a bigger role in selecting our candidates.
  • The role of the corrupt Media Elite and billionaire funded Super-PACs must be reduced.

By Gary;

The system is rotten.  The modern system of selecting the party nominees for President was designed by idiots  . . . .  at best, all it does is breed ill feelings.  At worst, the party is being gutted like a fish on live TV for the entertainment and ratings of the media.

But then there is the added bonus that the GOP candidate has been "chosen" before the delegates have been chosen.  Now there is a magic trick for you.

There needs to be major election reform in this utterly insane process.

THE BIG FOUR   -   How is it possible that the Republican candidate can already be selected when four big mega-states have not even chosen their delegates yet?

Just maybe the millions of Republicans in Texas, California, New York and Pennsylvania might like to have a say in who the GOP Presidential nominee is.  Those four states alone send 62 Republicans to the House of Representatives.  But for some strange reason they have no voice in their candidate for President.

1916 Republican Convention . . . . give more power to the party Conventions

American political parties have mostly been national, not regional, parties.  It is not right the Republican candidate for President is anointed by the press and party members in a small number of states.

More power to Conventions  -  We have seen the rise of Billionaire Cartel Political Action Committees and the increase in state primaries.  Because of the endless millions in campaign money needed, the candidates are now becoming the fully funded and hand selected puppets of the Cartels.

The GOP needs to take action to reduce the influence of corrupt special interests.

  • Reduce the numbers of primaries thus reducing the amount of money to campaign.
  • Reduce the number of delegates chosen by popular vote.  Perhaps have 50% of the delegates from a state selected at a community party caucus level where people meet at the local high school or at an elected state party convention.
  • Encourage entire slates of delegates to run as uncommitted
  • With a reduction of primaries, increase the number of caucus/convention states.   

For half of our history the party delegates from the entire nation would meet and in a few days select a nominee.  Every state and interest group would meet at one time to work out their differences.

The current system is getting worse.  It is becoming a two year long 24-7 media circus where candidates need to preform for the cameras and a bored public like a dancing monkey act in LasVegas. 

Even the most simple book cannot explain the insane American
system for selecting a candidate for President.

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