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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

DEM RACISM - Free college for Blacks - But Asians, Whites & Hispanics to pay full price

Leftist Pro-Black Racism
  • Leftists want to judge you by the color of your skin. Those with Black skin will get free shit just because they are born with darker skin than others.
  • But if you are of Chinese, Arab, Italian, Thai or Iranian heritage you get fucked over by paying full tuition.

(Campus Reform)  -  The California Faculty Association released a statement in light of George Floyd’s death and recent protests. The group also created a list of demands for California State University that it says will provide "redress for systemic anti-Black racism in the CSU.”

The CFA demanded CSU “provide free tuition for all Black, Native, and Indigenous students.” Trends show that enrollment of these students has been decreasing within the CSU system. To increase admission of these “marginalized students,” the CFA proposes that the universities make efforts “to overturn Proposition 209, the ban on affirmative action.”

According to the CFA, “racial pay equity” is necessary because “workload is also higher for Black faculty given that CSU faculty are majority-white, and CSU students are majority of color resulting in 'cultural taxation.'”

The CFA claimed that the research and studies conducted by Black faculty are "often not valued at the same level as other faculty." 

California universities should show their support to “communities blighted by systemic and institutional racism through the War(s) on Drugs from both the Nixon and Reagan administrations.” The CFA demanded that students who have been affected by the criminal justice system have outreach programs made available to them, including “funding and fully staffing offices” as well as “dedicated study space.”

The universities should foster an inclusive environment by expanding the curriculum for Ethnic Studies, creating Black Student/Resource Centers, and enforcing “unconscious bias” training for faculty. There should be a new course requirement for all students in the Ethnic Studies department to dismantle the “the historical and longstanding infrastructures of universities” since many educational institutions have been “fundamentally grounded in a white supremacist colonial discourse and culture.”


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