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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, August 22, 2019

More Google Censorship of the Federalist Blog

Google is Evil
  • Giant multi-national corporations are abolishing internet freedom of speech and the worthless, bought and paid for GOP is silent - - - as usual.

By Gary;

The Federalist is being censored by Big Brother Google.

When I read 1984 in high school, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would grow up to be a Thought Criminal.

But I am basking in my Through Crime.

In August, 2017 this site hit 173,345 page views

With shadow banning it was all down hill from there. This last month we were down to 25,784 page views.

What the Fascists at Google do is bury Conservative websites so deep that no one will ever find them.

So I ran a Google search on one of my articles: "Blame the GOP for Immigration - not Trump."

I gave up looking after going five pages in. Using the exact title the article could not be found on Google.

But then I search that same title on Bing and Yahoo and in both cases it was the #1 listing after their news feeds.

Fuck Google and Fuck the bought and paid for corrupt GOP that will not stand up for the 1st Amendment.

A search on Bing for the same article
Our article is #1 after the Bing news feed

A search on Yahoo for the same article
Our article is #1 after the Yahoo news feed


Armand Vaquer said...

I checked Google and Bing for my blog (after reading yours) and I am also getting the shadow-ban treatment, it appears. - A.

Gary said...

Just about all independent content creators are being banned in favor of billionaire business cartels.

The Left is also now starting to feel the ban.

Multi-national corporations are election meddling and deciding for us what content we will be allowed to see.