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Friday, August 23, 2019

1984 - Google Shadow-Banning Goes Far and Wide

By Gary;

My college Young Republican friend Armand helped get me into Blogging.

His Blog deals more with travel and entertainment than politics.  But it appears Google Shadow-Banning has extended to even the mildest of websites.

I tested Shadow-Banning on a single article that I wrote on immigration.

Typing in the exact title word for word my article "magically" never showed up on Google searches.

But just as interesting my article was the #1 search result on Yahoo and Bing.

Seeing my story Armand did a test on a fairly harmless story on tourism in Cuba with the same results.  See the results below.

The danger is obvious. Google is no longer a neutral "yellow pages" to look up information. It has morphed into a multi-national, Communist Chinese friendly, Big Brother, election meddling censorship platform.


(ArmandsRancho.blogspot.com)  -  After reading his post (on The Federalist), I decided (this is the first time I checked, I might add) to do my own checking on my blog's status on whether it is being shadow-banned. Keep in mind, while I do post some political posts (and I am a conservative), my blog mainly focuses on travel, history and entertainment.

My searches on search engines Google and Bing found a similar scenario.

Yesterday, I posted an article, "Cuba Tourism Tanks 24%". I first checked Bing, and my article was listed in the second spot. And, what's more, I didn't type the post's title verbatim!

Next, I tried Google. And, I typed in the post's title verbatim. It was nowhere to be found, even four pages in!

So, like The Federalist blog, Google is shadow-banning Armand's Rancho Del Cielo.


I just checked the Yahoo! search engine and we're in the sixth spot on the same search with them.

So, if one wants to do a search and have accurate results, use either Yahoo! or Bing, not Google.

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