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Friday, July 1, 2016

Trump Brings Man Up On Stage Who Was Forced To Train His Foreign Replacement

This is why Trump will win

  • The GOP and the Dems have pressed their lips deep in the asses of open borders Wall Street interests to see how many aliens can be imported and how many jobs can be exported.
  • The Donald has been the only candidate in either party who cares about the average American citizen worker.

(Daily Caller)  -  Near the beginning of his town hall event in New Hampshire on Thursday, Donald Trump brought up a man, named Mike, who said he trained his replacement when the factory closed down and moved to Mexico.

Speaking at the former Osram Sylvania Building, Trump said that the plant was closed and “139 workers went to Mexico, they also went to China.”

The presumptive Republican nominee explained, “I want to introduce though a man that’s worked here for many years, Mike. And Mike actually had the distinct lack of honor of training people from Mexico to take his job.”

The real estate developer turned politician said that he met Mike when he asked for a photo. Trump said that Mike had a job for 29 years and “he took a large group of people, he trained them, they’re right now down in Mexico, the company moved to Mexico, he trained the people that took his job.”

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