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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Conservatives give middle finger to voters

Right or Left
Neither Gives a Damn About The People

  • The British Conservative Party tells voters to go screw themselves and installs a new pro-EU Prime Minister after the people just voted to leave the EU.

(Breitbart London)  -  Mass reports of defections from the Conservative Party to UKIP have been reported on social media today following the impending ‘coronation’ of Home Secretary Theresa May to leader of the Conservative Party and soon-to-be Prime Minister.

Following the news that Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom was set to withdraw from the Tory leadership race – leaving Ms. May to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister on Wednesday – long-term Tory voters and members are tearing up their membership cards and joining the UK Independence Party (UKIP) seemingly en masse.
Life-long Tory voters were cancelling their memberships to join UKIP as early as midday, announcing their moves on Twitter and Facebook, ostensibly in protest at Ms. May’s authoritarian and anti-Brexit views. Some also protested about her term in office as Home Secretary, which has seen the curtailment of civil liberties, the praise of Shariah law, and the failure to abide by a 2010 manifesto pledge to drastically reduce migration into the UK.

Many members clung on to their membership to vote for Ms. Leadsom, who seemed to be the grassroots’ favourite.  On her withdrawal, she appeared to take supporters with her, many of whom blamed ‘dirty politics’ for forcing her out of the race. But no longer seeing the Conservative Party as their natural home, joined UKIP.
Upon her withdrawal, many Tories who blamed ‘dirty politics’ for forcing her out of the race decided the Conservative Party was no longer their natural home, and joined UKIP.
UKIP sources told Breitbart London that the membership department had seen a major influx of supporters on the back of the day’s events, but were unable to put a number on new membership applications.
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TPP: Fast Track to Fascism

While Britain tries to leave the corrupt EU we see the GOP and Democrats 
try to shove us into their own version of an EU" the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Meanwhile in the United States
The political whores in the GOP controlled Congress are working with Democrats to keep the European Union style Trans Pacific Partnership (Obamatrade treaty) hidden from the public until after the November election.
Democracy is an illusion to make little children feel better in history class. What we really have is rule by an open borders Wall Street funded Oligarchy.

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