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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Police are the terrorists says Cornell professor

Baltimore Riots

A World Gone Mad
We are a society of lunatics that hires insane revolutionaries to teach impressionable youth in schools.

(Campus Reform)  -   An Ivy League professor recently called the Fraternal Order of Police “a terrorist organization,” capitalism an “anti-human system,” and the majority of “white America” racist.
According to The Ithaca Voice, Professor Russell Rickford of Cornell University made those statements and others at a Black Lives Matter protest Friday, even going so far as to charge the police with “genocide” in relation to recent, well-publicized shootings.
“There will always be a segment of white America that is overtly, irredeemably racist,” Rickford said in video footage of the event posted to YouTube, describing the first of three categories into which he divided whites of America. “Forget about them. They’re not worth your time.”
“There’s a much larger segment, some of them are gathered right here. A segment of white America that considers itself enlightened,” he continued. “They outwardly reject the symbols of white supremacy, yet they aggressively protect their white privilege.”

Baltimore Riots
Insane Communists call police the terrorists while
the "workers" burn down the city.

Asserting that “deep in their heart, they despise your blackness more than anything else,” Rickford advised the audience to “forget about those folks, too.”
“There’s a sliver, a sliver of white America that hates white supremacy and that hates capitalism,” said the professor, explaining the third category. “These are the folks that you need to organize with.
“You’ve got to organize with class-conscious workers….You’ve got to organize with the undocumented. You’ve got to organize with the radical trans people….You’ve got to build a poor people’s movement, a colonized people’s movement,” he explained. “We’ve got to build a grassroots, antiracist movement to defeat capitalism altogether and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box.
“There can be no human system under capitalism. Capitalism is an anti-human system,” Rickford continued.
Calling Donald Trump a “neo-fascist,” the professor also shared some thoughts on the United States’ political system.
“To hell with the Republican party and to hell with the goddamn Democratic party,” he said. “Hillary Clinton is a warmongering imperialist and a lapdog of the corporate elite. We don’t need a woman CEO of capitalism. Hell, you had a black CEO of capitalism—what did that get you?”
EDITOR  -  Actually I agree with him on this last statement. Those of us on the free thinking far-right agree with the far left on the corruption on the Elites.

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