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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump's trade message resonates in Pennsylvania

NOT being a Republican pays off

  • "Regular" Republicans fall all over themselves to export middle class jobs to Mexico and Asia while importing cheap labor for Wall Street.  
  • Independent Conservative Trump will gain ground in the rust belt because voters know he is not on the payroll of open borders Wall Street interests.

(Politico)  -  Donald Trump's attacks on trade agreements and promises to uphold "law and order" are attractive to many Pennsylvania voters, putting the state's 20 electoral votes in play in the presidential election, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Tuesday.

"It resonates. There's no question about it," Rendell said during an interview at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with POLITICO Playbook hosts Mike Allen and Anna Palmer.

Rendell, a Democrat who served as governor from 2003 to 2011, said the amazing thing to him is that Trump's practice of outsourcing jobs to manufacture his brand-name products "doesn't seem to matter" to many older white voters drawn to his message.

"The toughest task is to get those voters to listen," Rendell said, adding that even attempts to tie Trump to unpopular policies of the Republican Party have not been particularly effective in changing minds.

Four years ago, Mitt Romney lost Pennsylvania and several other big Rust Belt states, including Ohio and Michigan, in his bid to unseat Barack Obama from the White House.

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The Giant Sucking Sound
1992 Presidential debates. Ross Perot warns that open borders 
trade agreement will ship jobs to Mexico.

Donald Trump appears with Reform Party Governor Jesse Ventura in 2000. Trump was considering a Reform Party bid for president.

The photo above says a lot about why I like an independent Donald Trump. I call myself a Conservative RINO. The big government loving GOP left me many years ago. Maybe The Donald can put the party back on the path of actually listening to the voters rather than open borders Wall Street special interests.

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