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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Reporter Chases Gen. David Petraeus Through The Streets at Secret Bilderberg Meeting


Secret Meeting of World Oligarchs

  • Corporate News Blackout  -  For decades the Elites of the military, politics and business have been meeting in secret (Bilderberg conference).  
  • The Elite Oligarchs gather behind closed doors, protected by mountains of police and weapons and the Corporate Controlled Media Machine does not even bother to send camera crews or reporters. The free Internet Press is virtually the only media covering the secret meeting.

Infowars reporter Rob Dew chased Bilderberg member and former CIA director General David Petraeus through the streets of Dresden, Germany today in an attempt to ask the former CIA director a question about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Must See Video

Petraeus left the Kempinski hotel for a jog in the afternoon and Dew was on hand to quiz him. The dramatic footage shows Dew cut short an interview before pursuing Petraeus on foot as police look on, making no attempt to stop the reporter.
Before the incident, reporters were told by one police officer, “stop filming, recording and don’t speak to the people who come out of the hotel,” an order that wasn’t followed as numerous Bilderbergers were confronted as they left and returned to the hotel.
“Hey General Petraeus I have one question….you had to resign as a result of an email scandal yet Hillary Clinton is still running for president even though she’s got this massive email scandal with people hacking her – do you think she should resign from the Democratic Party?” asked Dew.
Petraeus refused to answer before he was ushered inside the hotel by Bilderberg security.
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Tanks And Water Cannons to Protect a Group that "Does Not Exist"

Bilderberg Secret Meeting
The organization that does not exist sure needs a lot of police to keep the dirty peasants from watching the members meet.

First the Controlled Media Machine calls you "crazy" for suggesting that the Bilderbergers even exist.
Now that the free Internet Media is covering the secret gathering the Controlled Media Machine does a news blackout refusing to even cover the meeting of Oligarchs from around the world.

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