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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chris Christie: Trump isn’t racist

Bravo Governor Chris Christie!

  • While the open borders traitor Paul Ryan is stabbing Trump in the back we see Christie standing tall against another phony media created anti-Trump scandal.
  • The corrupt Republicrat Media Machine ignores that the judge in question belongs to the La Raza Lawyers Association.
  • I have strong memories of La Raza at my college. These fascists would come up to our College Republican table to scream at us and then would tear down our political posters trying to incite violence. 
  • A judge deliberately associating with any version of this group tells me all I need to know about his politics.

(Yahoo News)  -  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended Donald Trump on Tuesday against allegations of racism after the presumptive GOP nominee ignited a firestorm by saying a U.S. judge of Mexican heritage shouldn’t preside over a Trump University lawsuit.
After casting his vote in New Jersey’s presidential primary, Christie said he could not comment on Judge Gonzalo Curiel or the specifics of the case. But Christie said the business mogul is no racist.
“I’ve said this before. I know Donald Trump. I’ve known him for 14 years, and Donald Trump is not a racist. So the allegations that he is are absolutely contrary to every experience that I’ve had with him over the last 14 years. We’re going to end it there,” he told reporters in Mendham Township, N.J.
Christie’s comments came shortly after House Speaker Paul Ryan condemned Trump’s attack line against Curiel as a “textbook definition of a racist comment.” 
Journalists asked Christie to address Ryan’s comments.
“I’m not going into that. Next. Next,” Christie replied, but the journalists kept pressing. “You know what? Congressman Ryan is entitled to his opinion.”
The governor also said he knows the media loves controversy but that the voters of New Jersey and elsewhere will not base their decisions on this “kerfuffle.”
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