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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How I fell in love with my sex doll

God Bless Free Enterprise
Once again free enterprise creates a 
product people actually want

(New York Post)  -  A Japanese man fell in love with his sex doll but swears he’s no dummy.
Senji Nakajima, 61, of Tokyo, says he got so fed-up with complicated human relationships that he coupled off with a life-sized rubber doll to avoid heartache.
“She never betrays,” Nakajima said. “I’m tired of modern, rational humans. They are heartless.”
The married father of two bathes the doll, who is named Saori, takes her shopping and sleeps next to “her” every night.

“For me, she is more than a doll,” said Nakajima, who first shacked up with Saori six years ago. “Not just a silicon rubber. She needs much help, but still is my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life.”
At first, he just used her for sex while he lived away from his wife. But the relationship soon blossomed into a full-blown rubber romance.
Nakajima started spending more time with his pretty plastic partner, taking her on long walks in a wheelchair and wooing her with some admittedly one-sided pillow talk.
Now he loves her so much that he’s ready to swear off flesh-and-blood companionship for good. He dresses Saori in wigs, lacy gowns and jewelry, and even claims she has a personality.
Nakajima also enjoys watching TV with the doll and isn’t embarrassed to take her out on the town.
Makers of dolls like Saori boast that they’re so lifelike, men who buy them will never want a real girlfriend again.
The dolls, which are not inflatable, go for roughly $4,000 a pop.
There are more than 50 brands of the dolls for sale in Asia, where the market for sex dolls is booming.
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I'm holding out for the 
Scarlett Johansson sex droid

From “Blade Runner” to “Ex Machina,” robotic lovers have been a staple fantasy of sci-fi films for years. But one man—RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen—is trying to make AI-enhanced sex robots a reality. In his factory in San Marcos, California, McMullen is experimenting with adding artificial intelligence to his high-end, ultra-lifelike silicone “love dolls,” which cost more than $5,000 apiece. With this new AI, McMullen is hoping that his dolls could one day be more than just sex toys — they could be real romantic partners for humans, capable of thinking, talking, and loving like a real partner.  (More)


Brian said...

I don't know whats more fucked up- this story or the people in it.


So... Is having sex with an ultra-realistic robot hooker cheating?

For my own part, yes and no. Do I look at that old robot on 'Lost In Space' waving its tentacular arms around and get all hot and bothered? No. Not hardly. Now when I look at the image of Jeri Ryan playing the infamous borg, Seven-of-Nine on Star Trek Voyager? You better believe it! Just don't tell my wife!


Gary said...

Two good comments

Anonymous said...

LOL.. Now, with all the sexual harassment charges flying around, where just LOOKING at a flesh & blood female could get you fired, sued, and probably jailed.....
Yeah.. I think a LOT more men will be pushed this way....