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Monday, February 1, 2016

Bob Dole: Ted Cruz is a RINO

Both sides are right on RINOs

  • The U.S. stands alone in the world with an insane two party system that forces voting groups who dislike each other into the same party.
  • In every other democratic nation on earth people get multiple political parties to choose from: Germany (6 parties in Parliament); Brazil (27 parties in Congress); Japan (8 parties in Parliament) and Australia (10 parties in the Senate).
  • We need serious election reform in our House of Representatives to open up the process to independents and other political groups on both the Right and the Left.

(Washington Examiner)  -  Ted Cruz is a "RINO," according to former Republican senator and presidential nominee Bob Dole.
"He's a RINO — he's a Republican in name only," Dole said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, just one day before the Iowa caucuses that Dole won twice.
Cruz's "far, far right" brand of conservatism, Dole said, is out of step with Republicans, and with GOP voters in Iowa in particular.
"I don't really believe the people in Iowa are extreme conservatives. They're Grassley conservatives, they're Ernst conservatives, they're Gov. Branstad conservatives," Dole said, referring to Iowa's two Republican senators and Republican governor.
Dole, a former Senate majority leader, twice won the Iowa caucuses, where his representation of nearby farm state Kansas boosted his candidacy.
If Cruz won the GOP nomination, Dole warned, Republicans would suffer "wholesale" losses in Congress and in governors' offices.
Dole has endorsed former Florida governor Jeb Bush for president. But if forced to choose between Cruz and Donald Trump, he would vote for the New York billionaire, he said.
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