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Friday, July 31, 2015

Obama and Turkey screw the Kurds

Just Bend Over and Enjoy It

  • United States  -  Dear Leader Obama starves the Kurds of weapons to fight ISIS while arming Islamists in Syria.
  • Turkey  -  Backing ISIS as a weapon against the Kurds.
  • Saudi Arabia  -  Backing ISIS in their religious war against Iran.
  • The Kurds  -  Just trying to survive after being fucked over by everyone.

(Associated Press) — Just when it seemed Turkey was getting serious about the fight against IS, it has turned its military focus to pounding its old foe: the Kurdish rebels.

In Turkey's Kurdish heartland, the government's renewed military onslaught against the rebels has left many people crying treachery — with suspicions rife that Turkey used a brief offensive against IS as a cover to launch a broad attack against the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. Many Kurds also are venting frustration against the United States, accusing Washington of turning a blind eye to Turkish attacks on the Kurds in exchange for logistical support on IS.

"We are used to this. Kurds have witnessed betrayal for centuries" said Axin Bro, a musician. "National powers use us for their own ends."
The U.S. had welcomed Turkey's air assault last week on the Islamic State group, along with its decision to open air bases for American sorties, as a sign that Turkey had dropped its reluctance to fight the extremist group. Since then, the jets taking off from this city in Kurdish-dominated lands have been hitting PKK targets in northern Iraq.
Turkish jets again pounded PKK targets in northern Iraq in an operation Thursday that lasted two and a half hours, a government official said.
The mayor of Diyarbakir said distrust is growing toward both the government and the U.S.
"People here see that there have been several weak operations against IS while there have been repeated operations against Kurds both politically and militarily," Gultan Kisanak said in an interview. She said many constituents are asking whether there was a tacit deal between Turkey and the U.S. — for the U.S. to look the other way on Kurdish operations in exchange for access to Turkish air bases.
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