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Friday, July 10, 2015

Memphis to dig up Conferderate General

(Editor  -  The quote above from former KKK Grand Wizard Forrest does not help his case.  But it is interesting to watch this wave of Politically Correct Thought Police roam through the nation working to rewrite history and expunge the parts of history they do not like.
Question of the Day:  To be politically correct for women, we should remove all statues and rename all schools that honor serial adulterers like Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  Somehow I suspect that will never happen.)

(WREG News 3)  -  The Memphis City Council unanimously passed a resolution to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest’s remains from under his statue in the Health Sciences Park on Union Avenue. However, there is still a long road ahead before the remains would be moved to a new location. According to the city council’s attorney, Chancery Court would also have to sign off on the removal of the remains and the family of Forrest would be involved in the decision as well.
The removal of the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest is a separate issue. The removal of the statue has been proposed as an ordinance before the council which will have to be read before the council three times before it can be approved. From there it will be presented to the Tennessee Historic Commission but there is no timeline for when they will make a decision. The next time the commission is scheduled to meet is in October.
On Tuesday officials with Elmwood Cemetery said they would be willing to help with the moving of Forrest’s and his wife’s remains to the cemetery in Memphis but said they did not want to become the new home of the statue.
As of now it is unknown where the statue would go if the commission approves the removal.
“It is no longer politically correct to glorify someone who was a slave trader, someone who was a racist on public property,” said City Council member Myron Lowery.
Lowery has spear headed the removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s grave and statue from the park once named after him.
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