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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cops arrest man for "offending" Muslims

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(Infowars)  -  Former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson was reportedly re-arrested by police in the United Kingdom to prevent him from attending a meeting involving the organizers of a ‘draw Mohammad’ cartoon contest, a shocking illustration of how offending Muslims is being treated as a thought crime.

British police refused to deny the sensational claim, first made by left-wing activist group Hope Not Hate, that Robinson had been, “returned to prison for breach of license (for a conviction for mortgage fraud) in what appeared to be an attempt by the authorities to prevent him from getting in the cartoon plot.”
When contacted by Breitbart London the National Probation Service did not distance itself from the allegation and said in a statement, “Public protection is our priority. Offenders on licence are subject to strict conditions and are liable to be recalled to custody if they breach them.”
Although a separate claim made by the left-wing group, that Robinson and others were planning to start a “civil war” in the UK by distributing Mohammad cartoons in Muslim areas, was subsequently debunked, it is important to emphasize that Robinson himself believes that the police arrested him because they (mistakenly) thought he would be attending a meeting related to the draw Mohammad event.
“I believe they kept me in to prevent me attending a meeting on the 23rd,” tweeted Robinson in response to being asked by someone if the Breitbart article was true.

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