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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Government Boobs to register Boobs

Now the Big Brother Food and Drug Administration wants to register every breast implant in America.

Don't let the Government touch our Boobs.

We must draw the bra line somewhere . . . . No registration of Guns or Boobs.

There is no end to the areas Big Brother government wants to stick their noses into.  The excuse is always the same.  It is for your own good.  If you dare to bring up the right to privacy you are considered an uneducated yokel from the backwoods.  Now they want to track your implants.

The Food and Drug Administration's General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel has recommended the creation of a nationwide database to follow women who have had silicone-gel breast implants for at least a decade after they had the surgery.

The two companies that manufacture silicone implants -- Allergan and Mentor -- are required to follow women who've had their implants for a number of FDA-mandated studies, but enrollment in those follow-up studies has been disappointing, reports Medipage Today.

Both companies ask women who've received their implants to fill out a 25-plus page questionnaire every year following surgery. Not surprisingly, not many women do that.

Creating a national database that isn't tied to any particular company could help the FDA more easily collect data on how safe and effective breast implants are many years after they're implanted. Having all women who have received breast implants, either for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, in one place could allow researchers to select samples from the registry.

Hands off Big Brother!

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