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Sunday, September 4, 2011

$6,000 dumpster "parks" built in San Francisco

At a cost of $6,000 each San Francisco is building dumpster parks, parking them, using
up business parking spaces and moving the "parks" around the city so everyone gets
to see what plants and grass look like.

Your tax dollars at work:  With cities closing libraries and lay-offs of police, firemen and teachers the touchy-feely Libs of San Francisco spend $6,000 each on dumpster "parks"

The insanity of Liberal San Francisco politics is the gift that just keeps giving.

The Libs scream and cry that they need more and more tax money.  "Think of the children," they weep.  Maybe there would be more money for the children if they were not wasting it on mobile dumpster parks and other stupid projects.

The bright-red dumpsters, 16 feet long by nearly 6 feet wide and filled with greenery, have been placed in a busy downtown neighborhood

The grandly named "parkmobiles" were rolled out earlier this summer, the first in a fleet of itinerant oases in one of America's densest cities, reports the Los Angeles Times.

When parking spots began turning into parkland, retailers and drivers groused: "So where do we put the cars?"  Even former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. got into the fray, deriding in a recent newspaper column the "overgrown flower boxes" that he said were a magnet for the homeless.

"The first one I came across had obviously been used as a bathroom," ex-Mayor Brown carped. "The second one I visited, a guy and gal were 'socializing' in the bushes."

The movable fleet, which eventually will number six, was commissioned by the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District. Each costs about $6,000 and will spend a couple of months in place before being moved to other sites in this South of Market district.

San Francisco has granted permits for around 25 permanent parklets; an estimated 30 more are under consideration. These more or less permanent versions allow green space to bloom where cars once parked.

Most parklets are in front of businesses.  Where business customers are supposed to park does not concern the Liberal pansy-pickers.

"So many people ask me, 'What about your parking?' or 'How do you get your car in and out?' "  bicycle aficionado Amandeep Jawa said. "We could have a lot of really nice things if we weren't so hellbent on doing things for cars."

Tax dollars are used to have government workers plant, water, fertilize and maintain San Francisco's
growing number of Park Dumpsters. . . . and the Libs keep demanding tax increases.

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