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Friday, September 16, 2011

"Let them eat cake" - China style

The offices of the Communist state-owned Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.
The Worker's Paradise never looked so good. 

A Communist Party state-owned company builds a Versailles palace worthy of the Monarchs of history 

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Crystal chandeliers, gilded wall moldings, grand pianos and reproductions of the great masters… Welcome to the Communist Party, state-owned Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.

The Harbin Group has published photos of its new headquarters, located in the city of Harbin in the country’s northeast. This grandiose building was modeled on the style of France’s Versailles castle, built under King Louis the XIV four centuries ago.

China has gone through two revolutions, a civil war with the Nationalists and the Red Terror of Chairman Mao to create a phony Communist "Worker's Paradise."

But nothing really changes. 

Under the monarchies of old you have a noble born elite living in great wealth and ruling over the common people in a dictatorship.

Now that noble Elite has been re-born under Communism in China.  The difference is in today's world the old nobles are replaced by the new nobility of the very limited membership of the Communist Party. 

The members of the party live very, very well.  Judging by this Communist owned pharmaceutical company palace, the party Elite are living very well indeed.

Chairman Mao would be proud.

The Harbin Group's palace

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Anonymous said...

My Gustav Stickley/Frank Lloyd Wright inspired furniture looks like early garage sale compared to the commies swanky digs.

Gary said...

Livin high on the hog as my mamma used to say. It is enough to turn you Communist to see what you are missing.