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Monday, September 19, 2011

FBI halts labeling Islam as violent

FBI becomes politically correct on Islam

The FBI has announced that a lecture at the bureau's training academy that was critical of Islam has been discontinued.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation employee who gave the lecture contended, among other things, that the more devout a Muslim man was, the more likely he was to be violent, reports the UK Independent.

An FBI spokesman, Christopher Allen, said that following the outcry about the lecture, policy changes had been made to ensure that all training was consistent with FBI standards.

Since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, the FBI has stressed the importance of working with leaders in the Muslim community as an important part of the battle against terrorism.

A federal law enforcement official said the bureau should have more carefully scrutinised the content of the lecture before it took place. The lecture was given on just three days in April.

And here is a story that is totally unrelated to the one above.

Pakistani police officers collect evidence at the spot of a suicide bombing in Shina Samar Bagh in Lower Dir, Pakistan.  A suicide bomber attacked the funeral service on Thursday of a Pakistani tribal leader.

Man screams "Allahu akbar" at funeral then blows himself up killing 31 people.

A suicide bomber attacked the funeral service Thursday of a Pakistani tribesman opposed to the Taliban, killing 31 people, police said, two days after Taliban gunmen killed four children from another district in conflict with the militant network.

The blast during the ceremony in the Lower Dir region, 15 miles west of the Afghan border, wounded 75 people.

The bomber struck as about 200 mourners were attending the funeral in the Shina Samar Bagh village, police Officer Sher Hassan Khan said.

Another police officer, Salim Marwat, said the attacker hid in a nearby field and then ran toward the graveyard shouting "Allahu akbar" - the Arabic phrase meaning "God is great" that is also a Muslim rallying cry - and then detonated his bomb.

Witness Gull Rehman said he saw the attacker, who was killed in the bombing, describing him as a man with a long beard. Rehman said he was knocked down by the blast but he was able to get up and help transport the injured to hospitals.

Later, police officers searched for parts of the bomb on the blood-soaked field, strewn with abandoned sandals.

The funeral was for Bakhat Khan, who was a member of a local lashkar, or militia that is opposed to Taliban rule in the region, police said. He died Wednesday night.  (San Francisco Chronicle)

Pakistani paramedics help an injured bomb blast victim (2R) on arrival at a hospital in Sammar Bar on. A suicide bomber targeting members of an anti-Taliban militia blew himself up during funeral prayers in northwest Pakistan, killing 31 people.

- - - UK Independent

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