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Monday, July 3, 2017

Teacher has sex with two students at the same time

Just Lower The Age of Consent

(WTSP)  -  A Texas teacher is behind bars on child sexual assault charges after she admitted to having sex with four high school students - two of them at the same time.
The Lufkin News reports that 38-year-old Heather Lee Robertson of Lufkin, Texas was arrested on Saturday after admitting to the crimes.
The school system received information about the incidents on Thursday that alleged that Robertson had been sexually involved with several students. 
Students questioned each student they could find about the allegations and were told by one that the teacher had begun chatting and sexting with students shortly after spring break.
That student said he was soon invited to her apartment for sex. The student said he was bringing a friend with him and she agreed.
The newspaper reports that after speaking with them for several seconds, Robertson led them to her bedroom while taking off clothes.  A warrant received by the Lufkin News said that the kindergarten teacher had sex with both teens at the same time.
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