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Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump portrayed as a Nazi mariachi by Mexican beer company

(Breitbart)  -  A new Mexican beer has a label depicting a gun-toting, gloomy, mariachi President Donald Trump with a swastika belt buckle.

The “Amigous Cerveza” beer  has the word “amigo” misspelled to allegedly make fun of a mispronunciation of the word by Americans, reported Reuters.
The back label of the brew says the Republican president should be “in a mad house, not the White House.”
The chief executive of brewery, Casa Cervecera Cru Cru, Luis Enrique de la Reguera, was reported to be surprised with the success of the product. The original production was gone within a week.
“We knew that a Trump label was going to be controversial, but it’s been selling extremely fast,” he said.
Cru Cru designed the beer: similar to a New England pale ale with a hint of mango. The idea came to Cru Cru and his partner in Mexico, Error de Diciembre and Epic Brewing, before the presidential election.
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Anonymous said...

Trump is not for real !!!
that a sip on that beer , hombre !!!!