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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The system is rigged by GOP & Dems to get Trump

The System is Rigged to Get Trump
The GOP fully supports putting a compliant and open borders Pence in the White House

By Gary;

George Carlin always said that you and I are not in the Big Club.  That is more true today than ever.

We have Leftists pushing violence against Conservatives while the so-called "Conservatives" try to gut their own President.

It is a world gone mad.

Just look at Big Club member Robert Mueller who is running the Kill Trump Special Counsel's office.

As FBI Director from 2001 to 2013 Mueller raped the Bill of Rights and was unconstitutionally spying on hundreds of millions of Americans with the help of the NSA.

His reward to being a Team Player of the 1984 Oligarchs was his appointment to destroy Trump.

Even Newt Gingrich figured it out:

  • "He (Mueller) apparently couldn't find a single pro-Trump attorney to hire, and I just think that's a rigged game, and I think that it's a mistake to pretend this is going to be some neutral investigation. Well all four gave money to the Democrats.  You're suggesting that in the entire country there are no Republican attorneys that Mueller might have hired. I don't give the benefit of the doubt to somebody who could only hire Democrats but claims we ought to trust him."

The problem with Newt is he still thinks in GOP vs Democrat system terms.  But it is the GOP run Congress, not Democrats, that is running the endless Get Trump Russia hearings.

This Mueller clown is knee-deep in the corrupt Washington Swamp. He has his marching orders from the bipartisan Republicrat Elites to get Trump and he is on his way.

The corrupt Oligarchs protect their own while targeting Trump Nationalists and Patriots.  Meanwhile the Hildabeast roams free and is protected by both parties.

The bought and paid for GOP and Dems want revenge for Trump ending their Obamatrade deal they had hid from the public and for leaving the corrupt, unconstitutional Paris Accord.

Both parties are at war with the American people and Nationalism.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gary ... i told you so ...
even finishing that south border Wall ...
( even i , have some doubhts about the need of that Wall , ... but from these days on i saw tv shows on site , on that subject ... and man ... americans are really fucke* u* on it ... its only a scheme to bypass drugs , and illegals , mosthly both on cartel payrolls ... schamefull deal that regional incompetent rulers "shum" to the US )
even as democraties , they are looking the other way , as their own people suffer , on unemployment, housing, education, health , or else ...