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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Matt Drudge: “We’re trying to save this young Trump administration.”

The Great Matt Drudge Speaks

  • I remember listening to Drudge's radio show every Sunday night. What a broadcaster!!!
  • Today with little more than a laptop he drives the news cycle, frightens the corrupt and exposes the lies of the Oligarch Elites.

(World Newt Daily)  -  Matt Drudge, the editor of the highly influential Drudge Reportvisited Michael Savage’s San Francisco-based national radio show in-studio Friday to celebrate the talk host’s 75th birthday.
After sharing Chinese food with Savage, Drudge got behind “The Savage Nation” mic and took a couple of calls, declaring, “We’re trying to save this young Trump administration.”
“I do think there is a crisis, on many fronts,” Drudge said. “Is some of it of his own making?”
Drudge said he suspects Congress is deliberately sabotaging Trump.
Noting Obama had a stimulus bill on his desk on Day One, he asked: “What did this Congress give this great man? Nothing.”
Drudge and Savage talked about their more than two decades in media, with Drudge launching his website 22 years ago and Savage one year earlier.
“It’s been a heckuva a ride. It just feels like yesterday. It just feels like a blink of an eye,” Drudge said.
Drudge noted Savage began his radio career at the age of 52.
“For everybody out there who is in midlife, look at what this man did with his 50s and 60s,” Drudge said.
“Michael, do you realize you are at the top of your craft? No. 1 book in the country. A radio show — you roll down your windows and hear you. I don’t even have to tune you in. I just roll down the window and I hear you.”
‘People are nervous’
Noting he heard people listening to “The Savage Nation” as he drove down the Embarcadero in San Francisco, Drudge said: “Do you know what’s happening here? People are nervous. It could go back to Hillary. You know, she looks like she’s running again.”
All she needs, he said, is a million more votes next time.
“Have there been a million more illegals that will come in and sneak the vote since the election?” he asked.
Drudge wondered whether or not Melania Trump and their son Barron moving into the White House will “soften Trump’s edges,” noting Nancy Reagan was regarded as the “secret” behind Ronald Reagan.
Drudge: ‘I like Donald, the man’
Drudge said the establishment media was “going under,” ratings-wise, before Trump began his run for the White House.
“Trump has saved the media,” he said.
Drudge said he liked “Donald, the man,” even before he ran.
“He is one of the most fascinating Americans that has ever lived, in the modern era,” Drudge said of Trump.
“He is a throwback. You talk about old school. He’s old school.”
Drudge said Trump’s personality is not being fully used.
“The charm. The guy who ran the hotel. The guy who had a number one TV show with ‘The Apprentice,” he explained.
“Charisma is needed in this job. This isn’t just getting a bill through Congress. This is charisma. So, I wish they would let him return to Donald Trump, the full Donald Trump.”
What about the tweeting every day? Savage asked.
“I think he thinks it’s fun,” Drudge said.
Savage pressed: “What do you think?”
Drudge paused.
“Twitter to me — I don’t do much of it, because I don’t think the audience is that large. It’s feeding the junkies. So, to me it’s a broader thing,” he said.
“I would sit down and give an interview with Oprah,” Drudge offered.
In the ’80s, Drudge recalled, Trump did an interview with Oprah, and she and the audience of women “melted in his presence.”
“That doesn’t mean he changes his policies. That doesn’t mean less taxes … but why not reach out a little bit more to the other half?” he asked.
“Now, maybe I’m wrong,” he added.
‘Danger’ for Trump
Savage noted Drudge’s remarkable influence on media and politics.
Drudge recalled that when he was in Washington, D.C., recently, “he couldn’t wait to get out of there.”
“Nonstop sirens, nonstop bomb threats. Very strange feeling in the air. I grew up in D.C. It was never like that,” he said. “A sense of, ‘Something is not right.'”
He noted that the pollster Rasmussen, who “got it right” in the November election, “is showing danger for Trump.”
“I don’t think that’s fake. I think he is showing danger,” Drudge said.
‘Dealt a bad hand’
Referring to the failed Republican health-care bill, Drudge said, “I think attacking the Freedom Caucus was calculated to get something through the House.
“That still doesn’t mean he can get it through the Senate. You’ve got McCain, who is going to block. You’ve got Lindsey Graham, who is going to block,” he said.
“So, Donald Trump has been dealt a very bad hand here,” Drudge said.
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Anonymous said...

Only selfcentered simple folks , like those two , can stand by Trump idiotic policies , that are bound to lose .
They are intended to fall , cause Trump got no real will to pursuit then . He fake resolve on those , only to justified " biased " moves from House , Senate and federal judges .
America going down the drain , as the CIA, FBI , and the NSA are entangled with that "ruse russian conection" .
That "russian connection" are the B-plan from Dems inner Hillary and Bama circle to erode "Trump fake presidency" and his voters hopes .
No conclusion on border wall.
No travel ban .
No tax break .
No Affordable Care , or no repeal of Obamacare.
No migrants deportations .
No coal .
No jobs .
No nothing .
He even go to deliver the USA , as Bama started , to the chinese comunists .