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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Ghost in the Shell

The Modern Blade Runner

By Gary;

After giving us the Sci Fi movie Lucy the great Scarlett Johansson strikes again.

The Ghost in the Shell was first published in 1989 in Japan, but the theme of technology gone insane rings powerfully true today.

I am old enough to have lined up on opening night in Westwood to see Blade Runner.

I was blown away then by the special effects and madness of a futuristic dystopian Los Angeles of escaped Replicants fleeing from the slavery imposed on them by their human masters.

In 1982's world of no cell phones or home computers Blade Runner broke society into two groups:  humans or bio-engineered humans created as slaves.

Ghost takes it to the next level with our modern technology. Humans who can pay are being "upgraded" for profit by evil corporations into computerized hybrids.  But like all technology humans can have these implants hacked into forcing them to act against their will.

Naturally corrupt governments being what they are we see our Scarlett engineered as a warrior to kill people at the direction of the Government-Corporate Complex.

The special effects are at Blade Runner X 10 levels.  Plus the action and Scarlett's body are enough to keep fans happy.

The is pure Science Fiction of the best quality.

Many of the mouth-breathers in the movie going public have complained Ghost lacks the typical alien invaders blowing up New York plot. Well tough luck. As enjoyable as it may be to watch New York get leveled, some films require you to think beyond the 5th grade level.

Ghost shows us the direction society is taking. Current news show companies putting computer chips in workers.  The next logical step is corporations running TV ads causing idiot consumers to demand they get implanted with the latest techno gadget.

The future looks really bad. Ghost is just giving us a taste of the horror that is to come.

Rating - 8 out of 10

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