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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Navy officer may be punished for shooting at terrorist

A World Turned Upside Down

  • The so-called "best and the brightest" in government strip the military of their weapons making them sitting ducks for terrorism.
  • Before you piss all over Comrade Obama keep in mind that this stupid policy existed under GOP President Bush.
  • Stupidity is bipartisan.

(PamelaGeller.com)  -  Obama — rewarding jihadists while punishing Americans and US soldiers who fight back.

His hatred for America and the good is brazen — cheered on by his lapdogs in the enemedia, the entertainment business (Jon Stewart) and academia.

INSANE: Heroic Naval Officer who SHOT BACK at Chattanooga terrorist is getting PUNISHED FOR IT! Posted by soopermexican, Right Scoop, August 1, 2015.

After the details of the terrorist attack on the Chattanooga recruitment center started coming out, many began to wonder at one crucial detail. It turns out that one officer was able to get some shots off at the terrorist, but he did with a personal sidearm. And in Obama’s America, that’s just not allowed. 

Mohammod Abdulazeez was slain last Thursday after allegedly firing dozens of shots at two separate military facilities, including the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga. The cold-blooded assault killed four Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist.
The center’s commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, used his personal firearm to engage the shooter during the attack, according to sources quoted in the Navy Times. A report from The Washington Post said that one of the Marines killed in the shooting might have been carrying a 9 mm Glock and possibly returned fire on Abdulazeez. The Navy officer could face disciplinary action for violating policy about possessing a weapon on the facility that was supposed a gun-free zone.
The investigation into the attack is ongoing, and authorities will not know if White or the Marine hit Abdulazeez until an autopsy and a ballistics report have been completed. The recruiting center, the other building at which the gunman fired, was reopened Monday.
In a rational country, not only would he not be punished for what he did but he’d be commended for his heroism.
But we don’t live in a rational country anymore, do we?
(Pamela Geller.com)

Importing Muslim Terror
It is our official policy (as passed by Congress) to deliberately import Muslims into the U.S. from regions exploding with Islamic terrorism.  The Tsarnaev brothers came from Russia's war torn province of Chechnya.  The Russians even gave us a heads up about the family, and nothing was done.
My theory is the government wants terror attacks to use as an excuse to grow the 1984 Big Brother Surveillance Police State.

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