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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mark Levin: "The GOP won the majority on a lie."

Ripping into the GOP

  • I disagree with Mark Levin on many issues, but he makes a number of good points on the worthless Republican Party.
  • Not a Clue - Levin says the GOP has lost its way.  He totally off base on that.  From 1900 on the GOP is the party that spearheaded the creation of centralized Big Government and created the Marxist income tax to re-distribute the wealth of America.  FDR only built on what the GOP created.  
  • To this day the open borders GOP fully funds every big government program ever created and protects the Marxist income tax from reform.  The GOP is not "Conservative". In actuality the GOP is a European Socialist Party like the German Christian Democrats.

(Breitbart News)  -  Conservative talk show host Mark Levin ripped into the GOP Elites at the 37th Annual National Conservative Student Conference.

Levin declared that, “The Republican Party won the majority on a lie.” 

Levin argued that on every issue from Obamacare to executive amnesty to Obamatrade, the establishment Republican Party has refused to represent the interests of Americans.

Prior to his remarks, Levin sat down with Breitbart News and diagnosed the failings of the Republican Party — namely, that “The Republican establishment is the problem.”
Levin explained that the GOP’s problems stem largely from party leadership. In a metaphor invoking the idea of House Speaker John Boehner a Republican in drag, Levin said:
[Boehner] is essentially delivering for Barack Obama everything Barack Obama wants. Just because you’re dressed up as a Republican doesn’t make it so… By his actions, he has demonstrated that he is not a conservative. He spends his time with [Rep. Kevin] McCarthy (R-CA) and [Rep. Steve] Scalise (R-LA) conspiring against the Tea Party and the more conservative elements of his caucus… I can’t think of one significant advance in the cause of liberty or limited government under John Boehner. When he and [Sen. Mitch] McConnell (R-KY)—who’s equally bad— surrendered the power of the purse right out of the box… they just delivered Obama everything he wanted. So these men have helped Obama oversee the biggest explosion of government both in spending and in power ever.

Levin explained that under current leadership, the Republican Party has been an abject failure:
The Republican Party is a disaster. It has lost its way, I don’t think it even knows what its way is. We have a couple of self-serving powerful politicians at the top—in the House, in the Senate, and in the RNC [Republican National Committee] and various other places that empower themselves, they like exercising power. And they fear conservatives more than the Democratic Party… They hate conservatives, they hate constitutionalists, they hate the Tea Party. They don’t care for the Democrats, but they’ll work with them… They have no strategic vision whatsoever

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Fuck the Left-Wing GOP
Working within the Left-Wing GOP has failed.  It has resulted in a massive and increasingly authoraritian Big Government state.
Unless you are elected to office you are powerless.  An independent Tea Party needs to be formed with a national committee and 50 state committees to organize and raise funds.

Running candidates for most Congressional seats won't work.  It is way too expensive to campaign.  There might be a few Congressional seats to target.  But mostly I suggest that a new Tea Party target highly Conservative state legislative seats and defeat Republicans in general elections.  A new Tea Party could start building a bench of candidates who have won lower and upper house seats at the state level.  Once in state legislatures the Tea Party could force attention to our platform.
You either build a new party or agree to be ruled over by Leftists.

True Conservatives need our own party
to gain any political leverage at all.
Conservative Party of New York State

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