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Saturday, December 27, 2014

German Muslims attack Christians inside church during Christmas celebrations

Creeping Sharia

  • As the numbers of Muslims increase through immigration we see more and more attacks on European Christians and Jews.

Mönchengladbach: On Christmas Eve, apparently Muslim children and young people stormed the nativity celebrations for children in the Rheydter Marienkirche and insulted community members as "shit Christians." The parish presented criminal charges of interference with the exercise of worship.

As the Rheinische Post reported on Thursday, the group went on a rampage eyewitness accounts on Christmas Eve in the Rheydter St. Mary's Church and called "Shit Christians." The sexton could hold two of the five interferers.

Against 15 clock 20, the police were notified.At the parking lot of a McDonald's restaurants a police patrol took the two detained children and gave them to the parents. In an interview with the parents of two children, officials were able to determine the identity of the other three troublemakers. These were two children and a 14-year-olds. About the religious affiliation of the interferer the police wanted to publicly make any statements. The Rheinische Post, however, speaks of "apparently Muslim children".

The parish presented criminal charges of disturbing the worship exercise. The display affects mainly the 14-year-olds, as all other members of the five-member group are not criminally responsible. Pastor Manfred Rieth Village told the Rheinische Post that he would try to talk with the family of two children found by the police. In addition, he plans to contact the teachers at the school of rioters in touch. The abuse of Christians should be stopped in his view immediately. With the display and the offer of talks Rieth Village will send a signal to make the seriousness of the situation clear. 

Google translation:  Blu-News.org via Libertarian Republican

The Importing of Muslims
Both Conservative and Socialist German politicians lock arms to open the borders of Europe to endless Muslim immigration out of "fairness". 

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