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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GOP wants employeer access to your Facebook page

The GOP has gone Fucking Nuts

What the fuck is going on with the GOP?  -  In January 2011 the new Republican House made a point of reading the Constitution on the floor of the chamber.  For a brief moment I had a small amount of hope.

Since then the GOP has fallen all over themselves to spend like drunken Marxists and pass law after law violating the Bill of Rights.

Now an attempt to ban U.S. bosses from asking employees to hand over their Facebook login details has been blocked by the Republican controlled House of Representatives. 

Bottom line - the GOP wants private employers to spy on you without a search warrant as agents of the all-powerful State.

A last minute alteration to the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) that would have prevented employers demanding that prospective employees disclose social media passwords as a condition of employment was voted down in the house of representatives.

The proposal, put forward by Democrat Ed Perlmutter was defeated by a 224-189 majority reports the UK Daily Mail.

Handing over passwords could legally be a condition of acquiring or keeping a job, said WebProNews.
Perlmutter said of his amendment before it was defeated: 'It helps the individual protect his right to privacy and it doesn't allow the employer to impersonate that particular employee when other people are interacting with that person across social media platforms.
He warned of an invasion of privacy and the potential of employers to 'impersonate' employees online.
The Democrat initially proposed the password privacy measure as part of the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act of 2012 and warned that social media users have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
In a statement he added: 'They have an expectation that their right to free speech and religion will be respected when they use social media outlets.
'No American should have to provide their confidential personal passwords as a condition of employment.'
But previous attempts to counteract the increasing trend of employers asking for prospective employees social networking login details have failed.
The Password Protection Act 2012 was introduced to Senators and Congressman but was not passed.
The overall act would allow the US Government and private companies such as Facebook to share information.

CISPA - Corporations Buy Politicians and Your Privacy
CISPA passed overwhelmingly in the house, despite its promise to allow corporations and the government access to your private data, completely unchecked. It's no wonder after seeing how much money was poured into lobbying for the invasive bill.

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