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Friday, March 23, 2012

Iran is “swallowing” Iraq

Iran is swallowing Iraq and dictating its strategic policies

  • Iran won the war between Iraq and the United States
  • Thanks to the U.S. inch by inch the Persian Empire is back 

By Gary;

It is a tough burden to be right all the time.  But I have learned to live with it.

In my recent article "Good-bye Iraq. Hello Iran."  I pointed out how through a stupid foreign policy the United States destroyed Iraq, a powerful enemy of Iran, and installed a pro-Iran government in Baghdad.

I would have charged the State Department only a small fee for my advice.  Ah, but such in life.

Now my words are being proven true.
 Former Iraqi Prime
Minister Ayad Allawi 

Iraq’s former prime minister says the United States is ignoring an “emerging dictatorship” in his country, telling The Washington Times that Iran is “swallowing” Iraq and dictating its strategic policies.

Ayad Allawi, who served as prime minister from 2004 to 2005, accused Iran of meddling in Iraqi politics to the point that Tehran “is becoming the dominant feature of Iraq,” and claimed that some U.S. officials “concede secretly” that “Iran won, got the best advantage of what happened in Iraq.”

Allawi assailed Iran’s meddling in Iraqi politics, saying the Islamic republic has begun “swallowing Iraq and is becoming the dominant feature of Iraq.” He said some American officials “concede secretly” that “Iran won, got the best advantage of what happened in Iraq.”

He also said a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities should be “abolished as an idea” because it would cause regional instability. But he added that Iran’s regime “needs to either change its behavior completely, significantly, radically, or the regime needs to be changed.”     (Washington Times)

The Persian Empire in 1722
By crushing the anti-Iran Baathist government of Iraq the U.S. has helped to re-establish the Persian Empire which ruled much of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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