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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good-bye Iraq. Hello Iran.

The Persian Empire is back . . . thanks to the USA.

By Gary;

The mission cost nearly 4,500 American dead and 33,000 wounded as well as more than 100,000 Iraqi lives and $800 billion from the U.S. Treasury that the government will admit to.  The real hidden costs of the war may be far, far more.

So the Iraq War is now over. 

The final troops completed the massive logistical challenge of shuttering hundreds of bases and combat outposts, and methodically moving more than 50,000 U.S. troops and their equipment out of Iraq over the last year – while still conducting training, security assistance and counter-terrorism battles.

The Persian Empire Returns

What is missed amid the blood, death and draw down of forces is the unintended consequence of the American invasion . . . the possible re-creation of the Persian Empire.

Pre-invasion Iraq was a buffer state against the Iranian Islamic Republic.  The Baath Party that ruled Iraq was secular, Socialist and a client state of the old Soviet Union.  The mostly Sunni Baathists were enemies of Shia Islamists.  Iraq fought a war with Shia Iran from 1980 to 1988 resulting in 1,000,000 or more dead and wounded.

The United States destroyed the Sunni Baathist government of Iraq, and we installed a Shia government in Baghdad that looks favorably on Shia Iran.

Let's repeat that slowly.  We have installed a Iraq government that leans toward Iran.
The Iraq Baathist Republican Guard.
Thanks to the United States this strong anti-Iran army
no longer exists.

Talk about a giant cluster-fuck!  I have always said that many of our leaders are idiots who don't know jack about shit. 

The Iraq war was fought for nothing.


National borders are not written in stone.  Just a few years ago Serbia, Pakistan, Iraq, the South Sudan, Israel and the Ukraine did not exist as nations on a map.

With the Americans finally gone, I can easily see situations develop where a powerful nuclear (or even non-nuclear) Shia Iran, could have Iranian troops invited into Iraq by their Shia co-religionists to "maintain order". 

Iraq could be absorbed directly into Iran just as Austria was absorbed into Germany in 1938 . . . or Iraq could become a semi-independent Satrap of a greater Iran.

If Iranian troops were invited in they might never leave.  After all Iraq had been part of the Persian Empire for thousands of years.  An Iran with atomic weapons might see no reason to have to leave.

Indeed we live in interesting times.  Please file any complaints with the White House and Congress.  They caused this problem.

The U.S. war in Iraq has helped re-create the Persian Empire.
 The Shia sect of Islam is found in Iraq, Iran, Syria, the Persian Gulf states, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of Lebanon.  The Iraq War put the pro-Iran Shia in charge of Iraq.

The Persian Empire in 1722.
If you lay the map of the followers of Shia Islam over this map of Persia in 1722 they come close to a perfect match.  That is not an accident.  Lands in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Caucasus Mountains were all part of the Persian Empire for centuries.  There is no reason on earth that they could not re-join a Greater Iran.

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