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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are Republicans Nuts?

Did I miss something?  Is Santorum running for Pope?

  • Santorum shows no respect for the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
  • As Senator, Santorum voted over and over to expanding the power of the centralized Big Brother Federal government.
  • So-called "Conservative" GOP voters ignore the Constitution.

By Gary;

Alabama and Mississippi Republicans pretending to be "Conservatives" lined up to vote for Rick Santorum who believes in a centralized, Socialistic, but moral, Big Brother state.

The modern Republican Party is effectively a Right-Wing Socialist Party in the mold of Germany's Christian Democrats and the UK Conservatives.  The parties are pro-business but also pro-Big Brother cradle to grave welfare state.

Rick Santorum is the poster boy for Right-Wing Socialism.  He eagerly voted to ignore the Constitution and  to re-distribute the wealth by supporting every possible Federal spending program in order to buy votes for his party.

Ron Paul calls Rick Santorum a fake Conservative

The GOP and Santorum have moved far to the left.  Santorum voted to Federalize and centralize education with Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, expand entitlement spending with Bush's Medicare drug program and  to build a Police State by creating the Department of Homeland Security.

The Great Moron Gingrich   -   Let us not forget the fool Newt Gingrich.  About one-third of Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi voted for a total crook who was pocketing $1.6 million in  retroactive bribe money from Freddie Mac for past services rendered.

Newt was paid $30,000 a month to be a "historian" for Freddie Mac . . . . and idiot Republicans cheer on this fat little bastard.  Amazing.

Mitt Romney is not great, but he is head and shoulders above Newt and Rick.

(Full Disclosure  -   My wife and I plan to vote for Ron Paul in the California primary.)

Santorum showed he has no respect for the Constitution written
by our Federalist Founding Fathers.

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