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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The GOP has blown redistricting

Barone:  GOP to gain only one seat out of redistricting.
Congressional district expert Michael Barone knows everything about everything.

The GOP is run by idiots   -   But what else is new?

  • The GOP will gain one single House seat in the entire nation in redistricting out of the massive 2010 landslide.

By Gary;

Living in the People's Republic of California I know first hand that the state GOP is run by fools, liars and outright morons.

For example, the California GOP spent millions of dollars to pass a proposition with the voters to give redistricting power to an "independent" commission.  That "independent" commission is then gamed by the Democrats who totally fuck over the GOP.  The GOP has now spend nearly $2 million to get a proposition on the ballot to reverse the very process that they demanded be made into law.

Yes, Republicans are total fucking morons.

It would appear that the disease of massive GOP stupidity is not limited to the Golden State.  The great elections expert Michael Barone has carefully reviewed the new district lines drawn all over the U.S.

His conclusion, the GOP has blown an opportunity.  Read his story below and click on the link for the full version.

Reports Michael Barone: 

"I predicted that this cycle, like the 2002 cycle, would produce significant gains for Republicans. Their success in electing governors and legislators in 2010 gave them control in big states like Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina. And voters in Democratic California approved a ballot measure turning redistricting over to a nonpartisan commission."
But the Republican gain turns out to be modest to nonexistent. Charlie Cook's Cook Report estimates the net Republican gain from redistricting at exactly one state. My own estimates track with Cook's in just about every state and come up with a one-seat Republican gain."
  • One reason is that Democrats in control of redistricting in Illinois adopted a very aggressive plan that's likely to cost Republicans four seats. Democrats stretched Chicago districts out through the Cook County and Collar County suburbs to the Downstate prairie and squeezed out Republicans there.
  • The most aggressive Republican plan was in North Carolina, where it replaced an aggressive Democratic plan adopted 10 years ago and seems sure to oust three or four Democrats.
  • In the other big states mentioned above Republicans concentrated on bolstering current incumbents rather than creating new districts. Big Hispanic population increases in Texas and Florida forced Republicans to create new Democratic districts.
  • Another reason for Republicans' limited success is that Democrats successfully gamed the supposedly nonpartisan redistricting commissions in California and Arizona.   Democrats will likely gain one seat in Arizona and two in California. 

     (For more on this story - Washington Examiner)

The dirty little secret of American "democracy" is that it does not exist.
Both political parties do everything in their power to prevent anything that might look like a free election by drawing district lines in such a way that your vote has no meaning.

The so-called "elections" in perhaps 85% of the districts are a joke and have no meaning. 

Sample of a corrupt gerrymandered district.  Silly.  You thought your vote had meaning.

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