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Monday, May 6, 2024

Israel to develop "Prime Gaza Beachfront" Property

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday released a utopian plan for a rebuilt Gaza called “Gaza 2035.”

The Prime Minister’s Office published a 9-page PowerPoint file describing a future where Gaza is de-radicalized from Islamism, transformed into a trade hub of prosperity and innovation and integrated into the Middle East’s economy.

The “Gaza 2035” plan seeks to leverage Gaza’s geopolitical role in trade routes between Cairo and Baghdad, and Europe and Yemen.

The documents lay out three steps to return Gaza to self-governance and economic growth.

The first step would see 12 months of humanitarian aid, where Israel would slowly create safe areas in Gaza from north to south.

Second, a 5-10 year reconstruction process supervised by a coalition of Arab states (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, and Morocco).

“The plan is to move Israeli security responsibility to Israel, while the Arab Coalition will create a multilateral body called the Gaza Rehabilitation Authority (GRA) to oversee the reconstruction efforts and manage the Strip’s finances,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Jared KushnerDonald Trump’s former White House adviser and his son-in-law, praised the “very valuable” potential of Gaza’s “waterfront property,” suggesting that Israel should remove civilians while it “cleans up” the area.

“Gaza’s waterfront property, it could be very valuable, if people would focus on building up livelihoods,” Kushner said in an interview dated Feb. 15, posted earlier this month on the YouTube channel of the Middle East Initiative, a program of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and reported first on Tuesday by The Guardian. “If you think about all the money that’s gone into this tunnel network and into all the munitions, if that would have gone into education or innovation, what could have been done?”

“It’s a little bit of an unfortunate situation there, but I think from Israel’s perspective, I would do my best to move the people out and then clean it up,” Kushner added. “But I don’t think that Israel has stated that they don’t want the people to move back there afterwards.”


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