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Friday, May 10, 2024

College Protestors to be Exiled to Gaza says GOP

The GOP is Full of Assholes
  • The so-called "Conservative" GOP has done exactly Jack Shit to protect businesses and churches from being shutdown by Marxists, to protect us against de-banking by the corporate Elite or to stop funding unconstitutional foreign wars.  But Republicans will rapidly act to crack down on Freedom of Speech when Americans dare to criticize Israel.

(MSN)  Reps Andy Ogles (R-Tenn), Randy Weber (R-Texas), and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on Wednesday, May 8 introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that seeks to send "any person convicted of unlawful activity on the campus of an American university" to Gaza for at least six months. 

According to Fox News, the bill was brought up in response to anti-Israel protests raging on college campuses across the United States, some of which have taken a chaotic turn and resulted in clashes between law enforcement officials and activists.

While the text of the bill does not mention Israel or anti-Israel groups, it is specifically aimed at unlawful activities on college campuses after October 7, 2023, when the Hamas attack took place and which set off a counter-assault by Israel.

If passed, the legislation would force a convicted person to serve a minimum six-month community service sentence in Gaza, which is facing a humanitarian crisis at present as a result of Israel's relentless assault led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking with Fox News, Ogles stated, "Students have abandoned their classes to harass other students and disrupt campus-wide activities, including university commencement ceremonies nationwide. Enough is enough."

"That's why I introduced legislation to send any person convicted of unlawful activity on the campus of an American university since October 7th, 2023, to Gaza to complete a minimum of six months of community service," he added.


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