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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Traitors in DOJ pay Billionaires to Hire Foreign Workers

The Government is Full
of Fucking Traitors

  • Just when you think you have seen it all more insane treasonous acts of our "leaders" come to light. 
  • The bought and paid for whores in government fall all over themselves to find new ways to fuck over American citizens.
  • QUESTION - Where is Trump?

The Department of Justice has joined with business groups to defend the program which pays investors more than $2 billion in tax breaks for hiring roughly 300,000 foreign graduates instead of their recent American counterparts.

The government lawyers replied to a lawsuit against the Optional Practical Training program by saying it is a legal extension of laws that allow foreign students to enter U.S. universities.

But the American plaintiffs in the lawsuit say the OPT program was not created by Congress. The program is merely a lobbyist-created, cheap labor program which discriminates against American graduates, and also transfers at least $2 billion each year from Social Security and Medicare to the wealthy investors in technology companies.

The OPT program allows roughly 300,000 foreign graduates of U.S. colleges to get U.S. jobs, usually at low wages, for one or three years. The program helps the foreigners compete for green cards, it sidelines American graduates into unemployment and low prestige jobs, and it also lowers salaries for a wide range of American professionals, say critics.

The case is likely to be heard by Judge Reggie Walton in May, said John Miano, the lawyer for the American plaintiffs, at the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

“I think things are looking good,” he said. “The law is clear here, [and] at the end of the day,  the courts are not going to rule to that the scheme which Congress has set up is meaningless and that [the Department of Homeland Security] can change the terms of the [student] visa when the alien gets to the United States.”

But, he warned, “the thing you always worry about is that if the judges decide ‘This is the outcome I want to get’ … there are opinions out there where judges can stretch the law.”

India’s government strongly backs the OPT program because it funnels roughly 50,000 of India’s graduates into prestigious and well paid American jobs, usually with the mutual aid of Indian recruiters and managers. The program also feeds many Indian graduates into the H-1B program,  which keeps roughly 750,000 Indian graduates in American jobs. Once in those jobs, the Indians outsource more jobs to India via the U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy, so denying those jobs to Americans graduates.

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