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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fear the Walking Dead Just Won't Die

Who are these people?
Why are they here?
Why won't they just fucking die?

  • Both versions of The Walking Dead are rapidly circling the toilet bowl. But Fear is really swirling around the bowl fast.
  • In the case of TWD the only good character (and actor) left alive is Negan, and the writers have no fucking clue what to do with him.
  • Fear started off as a much weaker show from the beginning.  It totally lost its audience once it landed in Mexico and became a Spanish language program.
  • Now Fear has no clue what to do with any of the characters.  As a fan I am hanging in with both shows largely because the programming on other channels is even worse.

(Forbes)  -  Here in season 5, Fear the Walking Dead is turning out to be not just bad, but straight up baffling. I’m not angry about it the way I was when the show decided to kill off Clarks left and right in season 4, but after last night’s episode, I have to stop and take stock of exactly what the hell Fear the Walking Dead is going for this season with its current batch of storylines, because I genuinely have no idea.
This is a truly bizarre season of the show, and there is no better example of that than what we saw in last night’s episode, The Little Prince.
Let’s dive into the current state of things:
At first it seemed like the helicopter people were going to be the main antagonist group for this season, an exciting prospect for the series, given that they were key to Rick’s disappearance. But that entire plotline was contained to more or less a single episode starring Al, and though I liked that episode, it’s clear that storyline is over with the helicopter girl gone and this week, Al keeping quiet about everything that happened and refusing to chase the story further.
It’s been six weeks and I am still not quite clear on how or why the group is “trapped” while surrounded by 360 degrees of land. I understand that there is a nuclear power plant melting down somewhere, but not in like, every direction, so I’m just not understanding on why everyone is supposedly “stuck” when they theoretically should just be able to take a wide route around the irradiated areas to leave and go either back to back or somewhere else.

This new group of children has added exactly nothing to the show. I am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that a bunch of kids can string up zombie intestine barricades everywhere without getting bit themselves, and I don’t see how the show benefits by dumping a dozen new kids into the mix for the group to protect, particularly when these kids are just irritating, show up, eat food, run away, repeat. Charlie is bad enough, we don’t need 14 more Charlies on the show.
Morgan’s entire plotline this season has been reduced to him finding a new stick to fight with. John is now Dwight’s buddy but as of this week, is lying to him so he keeps chasing a girl that has specifically told him to stop looking for him (this entire Sherry plotline has always been very weird to me from the start). Alicia has been reduced to a single adjective “badass,” but is still not functioning as the leader of the group and has not done anything interesting since last season despite being one of the strongest characters on the show. 
Strand has now gone full good-guy which erases the core of why his character was fun. Daniel, one of the show’s only remaining good characters, has already disappeared once more after returning. There’s an entire pile of characters now that are just not doing anything at all, like Luciana, Charlie, June and the siblings. And unfortunately even Alicia is on that list now, which is baffling.
The main arc of this season, fixing a plane to escape this area, is just nonsense. First, I still don’t understand how they crashed this plane in the first place. They were just…bad at flying, I guess? Either there is no explanation for that or I missed it. But now they’re trying to put that plane back together again despite the fact that absolutely no one in this group is qualified to do so, and somehow Al is the main mechanic even though she’s an investigative journalist. I have serious doubts about the idea to put a plane back together again you already crashed once and expect to fly it, and now the show is doing incredibly dumb things like expecting us to believe that some random propeller from an entirely different type of plane is going to work on this destroyed one. And again, all of this is glossing over the idea that I still don’t understand why a plane is the only means of escape from this area.
Fuck the kids.
Feed them to zombies.

The show is also starting to lead hard into goofy moments that go against the tone of this series so far. John splitting the bullet with the axe. The beer balloon being used to transport two massive plane propellers across a forest. It’s just bizarre, and I don’t understand what the show is going for with these goofy moments.
Quite simply, none of this works. The only good parts of this season have been the brief glimpse we got of the helicopter people and their agenda. But that’s apparently over now and we have no actual antagonist now except that guy who took over their warehouse that we haven’t seen in four episodes. And I guess the nuclear power plant, which Alicia, Morgan and the scientist girl will fix with a little bit of elbow grease.
This is a bad season of the show in a different way than last season was bad. I just don’t have any clue where we’re going anymore. Fear feels aimless, like it’s just making up filler as time goes on. Once upon a time it seemed like this show had a clear direction, showing the moral decay of the Clark family as they slowly made their way west to eventually connect with the main show. Now? The two series are separated by a gulf of years, and now, a gulf of quality as well, given how much TWD has improved under Angela Kang and how much worse Fear has gotten under its post-season 3 showrunners. It’s not working, and it’s getting worse as time goes on.

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