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Thursday, July 25, 2019

"Drug test everyone in Washington" says Matt Drudge

House Judiciary Committee members

Drug Tests For All

  • I would bet cold hard cash that 90% of the narcissistic assholes in Washington are high.

Matt Drudge, an Internet pioneer who founded the Drudge Report, wrote that Robert Mueller appeared “dazed and confused” giving testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning

He later tweeted that everyone in Washington, DC, should be drug-tested for going along with this testimony.
“Drug test in Washington, everyone!” Drudge, the legendary news pioneer who only sounds off occasionally on social media, tweeted.
Drudge is the latest to chime in on Mueller’s testimony among the punditry, with countless numbers of journalists and opinion leaders doubting Mueller’s ability to stand behind the contents of his report.
CNN’s Oliver Darcy was one of many mainstream media pundits to highlight Mueller’s demeanor during the testimony, adding in a later tweet that Mueller is “not the best spokesperson for the report.”
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