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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Missouri Democrat Senator Sits During Pledge of Allegiance

Leftist Asshole Alert
Democrat plays to the mob in the streets

(The Gateway Pundit)  -  Top Missouri Democrat State Senator Jamilah Nasheed sat during the Pledge of Allegiance Wednesday as a symbol of solidarity with cop-hater Colin Kaepernick.

FOX 2 Now reported:

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed went through with her plans to stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick – by taking a seat.
Nasheed (D-St. Louis) said she will sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance ahead of Wednesday’s veto session at the Missouri state capitol. Every legislative session usually starts with a prayer and the pledge. She sat for the pledge but stood up for the prayer.
Kaepernick, the backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, initially sat down on the bench during the Star-Spangled Banner to protest police brutality and unfair treatment of minorities by law enforcement. Kaepernick sat for the first three weeks of the preseason before opting to take a knee instead.
In 2014 during the Ferguson riots Jamilah Nasheed was cuffed and arrested in a street protest.
Nasheed sat in the street and wouldn’t move.

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